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Director Stephen Morgante and lea▓ding performers of the musical were on h▓and to meet the "Cats" fans in

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    Beijing on Tuesday night.A strong lineup of top-level performers from Australia and the UK are part of the current Cats touring cast, including one of Australia's finest musical theatre performers Delia Hannah. It is the first time for H▓annah to join the tour t

  • nine finalists in Pet Fit C▓lub, the

    o China.She will play the role of Grizabella and sing the musi▓cal's most moving show-stopper "Memory", whic▓h has become a Broadway standard. Hannah revealed ▓to the crowd that she has another role she ▓enjoys even more than Grizabella.The appearance o▓f two costu

  • PDSA animal charity's annual diet comp

    med "cats" from the show thrilled t▓hose present at the press conference. According to the performers, they are required to have cats as pe▓ts so they can observe their uniquely feline beh▓aviors and gestures to get inspiration for their performance.Cats kicked off

arget▓ weight of 9.

its 2009 world tour in Ma▓y in Hong Kong. After this week in Beijing, the tour▓ will continue in Tianjin, Hangzhou, Nanjing, and C▓hongqing.

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Performances on the Chinese mainland ▓will end the tour, after which the team enters a period of rest and relaxat


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